Latinx representation amongst designers based in the United States lacks a central identity and collective power. This is partly due to the absence of a clear marker of what constitutes “latinness” as a collective identity. Members of the Latinx community themselves have different kinds of experiences stemming from Latin America’s wide racial diversity, proficiency with second languages, and migration and exchange between the U.S., Latin America, Spain, and beyond. While this diversity is a strength, it simultaneously creates difficulty for building a shared community.

Exploring the theme, “What is Latinx identity?” this conversation reconciles the individual and shared experiences of Latinx designers. Hosted at the Architectural League of New York, the 2-day workshop organizes a series of conversations that interrogate what this identity means to architecture, creating a platform that foments exchanges across multiple communities.

Discussion panels will explore topics helping to organize, solidify, and advocate for this underrepresented group. Additionally, a conversation and coming-together with parallel minority groups will also help our community learn from the organizing efforts and strategies of other groups. Aiming to chart the foundations of a new Latinx advocacy coalition, these conversations provide a space for reflection, interaction, and solidarity-building.

MAY 30–31, 2024

Architectural League
of New York
594 Broadway, Suite 607
New York, NY 10012

Latinx Coalition Chats